Hello again! You have chosen the Advanced Plan. Down below will find what includes this plan.

Our goal is to create bounds with artists and companies so we can help each other. This plan is ideal for companies or artists who want to build their fandom and communities around Europe and Latin America and specially created for those who want to work with us side by side and create with us a loyal and long-lasting work relationship.

How will do it?

We will record and promote different content with the artist during the time we work together: 

  • Introduction and promotion interview: The first part is an interview to get to know more the artist and its goals. After this introduction, the idea is to keep doing interviews every time the artist has a new work to promote (comeback, debut, new film/show recorded, etc.)
  • Challenges: 3 funny games where fans can have a closer glimpse of the artist.
  • Games/short videos: This format will go together with the short interviews to help promoting the new works. 

What would be your benefits?

  • Personalized exclusive content: Our team is not only fan of the Asian Entertainment but also content creators with experience with artists and fans, so the content created will be personalized for each artist during the time we work together. That is why is important to work close with the companies and artists, in order to get the best results. 
  • Promotion and new fans: The artist will be promoted continually trough our socials during the period we work together. Our team will be up to date with our own content in addition of its new works (comebacks, films, awards, collaborations…). Also, our blog, partners and media collaborators will receive a press release to promote the artist activities.
  • Events Co-organization: As promoters we want to give real experiences to the fans, so if you, as an artist or company, are interested, we would love to organize any kind of event with you (fanmeeting, concert, limited fan calls, etc.). As promoters we would take care of the organisation, promotion, ticket sales and the platform while the company only needs to take care of the artist and the performance. Benefits would be divided after discussion. Due to the current situation, it is only allowed “online events”, but we are looking forward to do face to face events as soon as the situation gets better. The packs below are the ones we have created for you, but we can personalize them depending on your needs:

60% for artist/company

40% for Ikigai Producciones

1 online fanmeeting

Limited fancalls (to agree with artist/company)

70% for artist/company

30% for Ikigai Producciones

1 online fanmeeting

Limited fancalls (to agree with artist/company)

Limited personalized videos-audios for fans monthly

80% for artist/company

20% for Ikigai Producciones

1 online fanmeeting

Limited fancalls monthly (to agree with artist/company)

Limited personalized videos-audios for fans monthly

Online concert

What we ask in exchange?

Since this is a collaboration we do not ask for money but:

  • Your time. We need your time to record the content with us since we are not allowed to travel there for the moment. And in case you also want to work together in an online event (fanmeeting, fancalls, etc.)  we will also need your time to create an unforgettable experience. 
  • Exclusive content: The content named above will be shared on our socials for free but in addition we will need other exclusive content that will be reserved for the VIP fans. We would need the exclusive rights of this content to make sure it won´t be shared in any other platform. Here is where Ikigai Producciones will get some benefits from. The content will be agreed after discussion but some examples could be: behind cameras at some performance or concerts in situ; how is a day with…special content for the fans in collaboration with our Korean staff.
  • Special greeting. Our fans would love to see a special greeting from their favourite artist. Is a good way to reach the heart of your fans.
  • Merchandising. We also ask you for albums/posters or any type of merchandising of the different works of this artist to raffle it among our followers as a gift for the support. Again, the quantity will be agreed after discussion.

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