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What services does Ikigai offer?

Ikigai is a project in development that offers promoter and producer services. We are dedicated to quality content creation with different artists and the promotion of their works in Europe and Latin America. We also realize events, online and offline. We work hand by hand with the companies and the artists to personalize each experience and offer the best to the fans.

How does the website work? If you are a fan

At Ikigai, we want to work together with the fans, so we need your help. With your votes and sharing our website and projects to as many fans and friends as you know, we will be able to reach more artists. Your help is divided in three fases: 

  • Pre-projects: This is the first step to help the artists. In this step you will find artists recomended for Ikigai’s team, but also for you, with a “goal” to achieve. What does this mean? Depending on each artist and the company, we need something real (the amount of votes, of interested people) to show to the companies the interest for this artist. Once we achieve the goal, our team will try to contact the company to create content and posible events with this artist.  
  • Ikiprojects: This is the second step. The projects that achieve the goal on the pre-projects step will move forward to this fase. What does this mean? It means that here is when we have to strive the most,  because we will be in the process of contacting the companies and they must see that we are not satisfied with a small goal, so the votes must go on!
  • Content: The last step. In this fase you will already be able to enjoy the reward for your efforts and watch all your favourite artists.

What type fo content can I find?

Every thing depends on the agreements with each artists, because the content doesn’t work in the same way with actors, actresses, singers, choreographers, etc. 

In general, you will find:

  • Interviews with the artists
  • Promotion interviews
  • Challenges
  • Individuals and group photos
  • Behind the camera
  • Special videos
  • Online fanmeetings
  • Videocalls

WARNING: Part of this content will be exclusive, so you will be able to find it only if you join our Patreon community. 


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